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Power Feedthrough

High volt and current.  1-10 pins


Coaxial Feedthrough

(BNC, MHV, SHV, SMA), 1-4 pins



K, C, E, J, T, N, R, S


Multi-pin FT

Sub-D, Micro-D, Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-26482


Ceramic Break

Ceramic or Glass, 5-60KV


Connector & Cable


Liquid Feedthrough

Gas, Fluid & LN2



Standard, Over pressure, Extended




Base plate Feedthrough

RF Feedthrough: 13.56 mhz. Up to 35 KW

Thousands of standard Feedthroughs are in stock. We also build-to-spec.

Please submit an inquiry. Drawings and specification available upon request.