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Multipin FT is commonly used for transmission of electrical signals and/or low power applications. They are sometimes referred to as Instrumentation FT as in surface analysis, electron microscopy and process control.

Multi-pin FT, not coaxially shielded, are used for low impedance source where induced noise is less significant.

Product Series:

Type C     Gold plated 9 pin, is used where space is at a premiun.

Type D     Gold plated 9,15,25,50 pin; meet MIL-C-24308 specification

Multipin  Gold plated 4 to 35 pins.  Thread connector meets MIL-C-5015

Available in CF or KF flanges

Atmosphere connector is supplied (require customer wiring).

Vacuum connector is purchased separately.

Volt-Amp / Pin Pin mat’l # of Pin
Type C up to 300 V,    <10 amp Be-Cu 9
Type D up to 500 V,  < 10 amp Be-Cu 9,15,25,50
Multipin up to 700 V,    <10 amp Alumel 4 to 35
Bake temperature:   CF:  450 C.    KF:  150 C.    Connector:  65 C
Please submit an inquiry. Drawings and specification available upon request.