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Thermal couple is a device that measures temperature as a function of the electromotive force induced when heat is applied to two dissimilar metal wires.  A variety of vacuum-side connectors are available.  Thermal Couple is available from one to five TC pairs.

The wires are air-side terminated to accept one of the several connections methods:  molded plug, push-on split connectors or screw connections.  Vacuum-side connections might be push-on split connector, or screw mounted.

When selecting T/C feedthrough, major consideration are the temperature range, number of measurement location, and the requirement of power conductor built into the same feedthrough.

Basic Selection

Type TC Material Temperature C Compensate Wire Junction
positive Negative
T Copper Constantan -184 to  400 N/A
K Chromel Alumel -184 to 1260 N/A
J Iron Constantan 0 to750 N/A

Type R:  Noble matal (Platinum-Rhodium) thermal couple is good up to 1540 C

Type C:  Refractory metal (Tungsten-Rhenium) thermal couple is good up to 2760 C

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