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Motion FT is used to introduce motion from atmosphere into a vacuum chamber, typically to load a sample or a shutter to prevent comtanmination. End effector is attached at the end of FT shaft. Welded bellow or magnet is used for coupling.

There are 4 types of Motion FT:

  • Rotary
  • Linear
  • Rotary + Linear
  • WobbleStick

Rotary FT is available in manual, pneumatic or motorized.
Mounting style is either flange mount or wall mount.
The internal mechanizm is the same regardless of the type of actuator.

We custom built feedthrough to your specification.

Rotary Feedthrough, VFR

  • Standard: VFR-S
  • Economy: VFR-E
  • Hi. Temp: VFR-HT
  • Precision: VFR-P
  • Heavy Duty: VFR-HD

Linear Feedthrough, VFL

Standard Series
  • Standard: VFL-S
  • High Temp: VFL-HT
  • Push/Pull: VFL-PP
  • Precision: VFL-P
  • Heavy Duty: VFL-HD

Rotary + Linear Feedthrough, VFR+L

  • Rotary + Linear Feedthrough, VFR+L
  • Wobble Stick: VFR+L-WS
  • Direct Drive: VFR+L-DD
  • WallMount: VFR+L-WM

Magnetic Coupled, VFM

  • Rotary: VFM-R
  • Linear: VFM-L
  • Rotary + Linear: VFM-R+L