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Each Series has 5 variations of design; each for a specific requirement.
Housing are made of Aluminum, except “Hi Temp” series which are all SST
All linear feedthrough comes standard with a scale except “Precision Series” is equipped with a micrometer Heavy Duty Series can go up to 110 lb of axial force

Standard Series: VFL — S

  Standard Hi Temp Push/Pull Precision Hv Duty
Bake temp(C ) 200 315 200 200 200
Op. temp (C ) -20 to 150 -20 to 250 -20 to 150 -20 to 150 -20 to 150
dial resol 0.002″ 0.002″   .0001″  
linear resol 0.05″ 0.05″ .05″ 0.05″  
M. Axial lb 10 lb 10 lb 25 10 lb 50
M. Lateral lb 5 lb 5 lb 20 5 lb 20

Pneumatic style requires a male 1/8FPT fitting

Linear Series




Standard VFL-S Manual
Hi Temp VFL-HT Pneumatic
Push/pull   VFL-PP Electric motor
Precision   VFL-P Magnetic Coupled
Heavy duty VFL-HD  


Standard Series: VFL — S__


Standard High Temp: VFL-HT

High Temp. Series has the same dimension as the Standard (VFL-SS) except body and housing are made of Stainless Steel


Standard Push/Pull: VFL-PP



Standard Precision: VFL-P


Mini Heavy duty: VFL-HD


Sealing Mechanism Welded Bellows
Operating Temperature -20 0C to 150 0C
Material Exposed to Vacuum -Stainless Steel
Maximum Axial Load 50 lbs (22.7Kg) concentric load  
Bakeout Temperature 200 0C (Maxzimum)
Maximum Lateral Load 20 lbs (9.1Kg) @3″ extension
Thread Pitch 1.0″ (25.4 mm) per 10 revolutions


Pneumatic Option

Connection port: 1/8 NPT
4-Way solenoid: Purchase separately 



Magnetic Feedthrough

Most economical rotary feedthrough on the market. Magnetically coupled with high torque. Commonly used when fast reciprocating action is not require.


Actuation manual / pneumatic
Scale increment -5°
Resolution -1°
Bake temperature 150° C
Torque 3.5 in-lb
Shaft diameter 6 mm with tap hole
Vacuum range 1 x 10-11 Tor
Flange: CF 1.33
 Please submit inquiry. Drawings and specification available upon request.