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All Metal Valve

Conventional valve uses Viton at the dynamic sealing area which prevents the valve from high temperature exposure. All Metal Valve uses oxygen-free copper gasket as dynamic seal to press against a conical knife edge on the opposing part, thus forming an all metal seal.

Copper gasket has a life of few hundred uses. Replacement is easily done by a screw driver.

Feature and Notice:
1. Bake temperature : 400 0C (open), 300 0C (close)
2. The poppet seal gasket is easily replaced by a screw driver; it can be
removed through the side port.
3. All stainless steel construction.
4. Bellows stem seal.
5. 3/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ port sizes.
6. A calibrated dial for closure is provided on the top of the valve body,
but the max. torque should not exceed 250 kg-cm (CF1.33),
600 kg-cm (CF2.75), and 900 kg-cm (CF4.5)
7. Must lubricate the drive shaft after maximum high temperature bake
8. Properly lubricate the drive shaft to prevent wearing the thread.
9. Orientation : Any position

Metal Gasket unload steps: