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Vacuum and Hydrogen Furnace

Features common to all:

  • Practical efficient, easy to use
  • Store multiple, multi-segment ramp. and soak programs for instant operator recall
  • Reliable consistent results
  • Compact footprint. All equipment will fit through a standard 3′ x 7′ door:
  • Numerous safety interlocks
  • All furnaces are available in high vacuum operation and combination hybrid vacuum/inert-reducing atmosphere operation
  • Multiple program automatic ramp and soak control to temperatures of 1200o C to 2000o C

Options available :

  • Video chart recorders
  • Dewpoint monitoring
  • Computer controls
  • Vacuum purge
  • swing arm hoist
  • Extension table
  • Heated bubbler for elevated dewpoint

In addition to the furnaces described, other versions are available

Hot Zones from 6″ Dia x 10″ to 18′ Dia. x 48″

Dual gas blending capability and bubbler is standard on Atmosphere Furnaces.

An additional flexible Survey Thermocouple for load monitoring is standard on all furnaces.