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PVD, Multi-chamber System

  • Modular design to suit a variety of applications
  • R&D or small batch production, up to three process chambers
  • Load lock for substrates up to 200mm
  • Integrated computer control with recipe, tolerance checking, and data logging
  • Rotating substrate can be heated, cooled, or biased
  • Ion source pre-clean for assisted deposition
  • Crystal monitoring or Optical monitoring
Inside view of the cabinet

PVD, All-In-One

  • Combination Sputter/ Evaporation
  • Industry’s first cost effective “Open Platform” design
  • For R&D and small production
  • Uses Confocal technique

Confocal sputtering is the technique of arranging magnetrons within a vacuum chamber in such a way that multiple materials can be applied onto the substrate without breaking vacuum. Confocal sputtering also allows the user to co-sputter, or to create a film of two or more materials at once. This method is popular for research and development tools and for small scale batch productions.


Features and Benefits:

  • Graphic user interface, recipe, data logging, and remote diagnostics
  • In-Situ monitoring (RGA, Crystal, and Optical monitoring)
  • Single, multiple, or planetary substrate fixture
  • Rotating substrate can be heated, cooled, or biased
  • Ion source pre-clean or assisted deposition
  • Load lock or glove box integration
  • Uses Confocal technique allows serial or co-sputtering
  • Unlike conventional methods, smaller targets can be used for same uniformity or deposit rate
  • Up to 4 magnetron can be used

PVD, Linear Magnetron

Designed for high throughput production
  • Encapsulated NdFeB rare earth magnets and water flow
  • DC, RF magnetron and microwave power compatability
  • Movable trolley carries 12″x12″ substrate holder
  • Samples loading concurrent with processing
  • Linear cathodes are available in target width from 1.5″ to 10″ and length up to 8′

Target Material

We supply the most commonly requested target shapes: round, rectangular, ring, ConMag, Quantum, S-Gun, as well as more conventional sizes. If you do not find the shape you need, we can custom a sputter target for you with any materials and purities we carry.