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A coaxial cable has a center conductor insulated from a conducting outer shield which blocks electrical noise from surrounding, thus provide stable, repeatable signal transmission.

Designed to transfer low-current, low or high voltage signals from low or high impedance sources across the vacuum wall.

A coaxial cable’s main characteristic is its impedance.  Impedance is a function of the diameter and spacing of conductors and the insulator’s dielectric constant, but not the function of its length.

Double-ended is used where continuous air and vacuum RF shielding is required.

Single-ended is used where continuous shielding is not important.

Connector selection:

BNC:        Used in 50 and 75 ohms low power transmission lines

MHV:      Used in medium power with high voltage requirement.  Pins are exposed.

SHV:        Used in high voltage.  Male and female contacts are recessed for higher safety in disconnected condition

Multiple conductors are available depending on the connector type.

Grounded, Single end:

Grounded, Double end:

Floating Shield, Single & Double end

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