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Power FT is an electrical feedthrough used for the transmission of high voltages or high current into vacuum systems.  Power feedthroughs offer a broad range of voltage and current. High purity alumina ceramic is used to provide electrical isolation. Various conductor materials offer specific current capacities.

FT is widely used in Aerospace, Medical, Nanotechnology, Communication and Semiconductor. Endorsed by companies such as NASA, Sandia, Argonne, AMAT, LAM, KLA, Raytheon and many, many more.

We custom build adapters, plates and flange to your specification.  Please send requirements.

volt/amp Conductor # of Pin Op. Temp.
Med. Voltage 10k/25 BeCu 1-8 -100 C to 450 C
High Voltage 100k/180 BeCu 1-4 -100 C to 450 C
High power 12k/600 Cu, Ni,  SST 1-10 -100 C to 450 C
Water cooled 8k/1,000 Cu 1-4 -100 C to 450 C
Bake temperature:     CF flange or welded: 450 C.     KF flange:  150C.
Base plate style operating temperature is  -20 C to 150 C
High current conductor selection guide:
Current Corrosion Resistance
Copper High Low
SST Low Medium
Nickel Medium High

When choosing power FT, the important criteria are maximum operating voltage, maximum current per conductor, base pressure and working environment (gas type and pressure).

Standard High Power and High Voltage FT of different rating and flange style are in stock.

Several mounting options for power feedthroughs are available: Weldable, KF, CF, and Baseplate. Baseplate versions of power feedthroughs are commonly used in vacuum furnaces and coating applications.  Many designs are also configured for NPT style adapter.

Please submit an inquiry. Drawings and specification available upon request.