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Product Series
  • Standard = VFR-S
  • Economy = VFR-E
  • Hi. Temp = VFR-HT
  • Precision = VFR-P
  • Heavy duty = VFR-HD

Rotary FT has 5 variations of design; each for a specific requirement. See below table.

Housing are made of Aluminum, except Hi Temp series which are all SST.
All rotary FT comes standard with a scale. “Economy Series” is a low cost version which does not have a scale. “Precision Series” is equipped with a precision micrometer.

Torque of Heavy Duty series can be as high as 240 in-lb. 

Rotary  FT : VFR


Economy Standard Hi Temp Hy Duty Precision
Bake temp (C ) 200 200 315 200 200
Op. temp (C ) -20 to 150 -20 to 150 -20 to 315 -20 to 150 -20 to 150
scale resol 5 deg 5 deg 5 deg 5 deg 2 deg
Max Torque 125 in-oz 125 in-oz 125 in-oz 5 ft-lb 320 in-oz
Flange CF133/275 CF133/275 CF133/275 CF275 CF275
Flange KF16/40 KF16/40 KF40 KF40
Leak rate 1×10-9 standard cc/s
  • Manual
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric
  • Magnetic Coupled
Please submit inquiry. Drawings and specification available upon request.

“Economy”: VFR-E

Scale resolution: 5°

Standard: VFR-S

High Temp. : VFR-HT

Identical dimension as Standard (VFR-S) except equipped with all stainless steel body and housing.

Precision: VFR-P

Resolution: 2°

Heavy Duty: VFR-HD

  • 0.375 diameter shaft
  • Manual or motorized
Resolution: 2°

Magnetic Feedthrough

Miniature magnetic ally coupled rotary feedthrough is UHV compatible. It is the most economical FT of all . The trade off is not suitable for fast recipricating application.


Actuator Maunal or Pneumatic
Max. Torque 3.5 in-lb
Bake Temperture 150° C
Etched scale 5° increment
Vacuum Range: 1×10-11 Torr

Drawings and spec. available upon request.