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A thin film, vacuum industry has been looking for a pump that is clean, oil free, long lasting and universally applicable to all processes such as Etch, CVD, and PVD. Our Dry Screw Pump is designed to do just that!

Operating Principle: A Dry Screw Pump consists of precision grind screw rotors that rotate in opposite directions. The rotors make no contact, therefore it has no need for lubrication. The pump is suitable for clean as well as harsh environment. It has the shortest gas discharge path which makes this pump more efficient than any other style of dry pump available on the market.

Unlike Scroll Pump which deteriorates with use, screw pump maintains vacuum integrity year after year without need of service. Cost of ownership is lower than the scroll pump. We produce more than 60,000 screw rotors each year.

Our Pump is built with superior technology to achieve excellent performance and low running costs. The highly intelligent dry pump is ideal for replacing wet pumps as well as Scroll Pumps.

Screw Pump Series: PS and PD, PSE and PDE

PS- Standard single-stage pump, water cooled motor
PSE– Air cooled motor
PD– Low energy dual-stage pump, water cooled motor
PDE– Air cooled motor

Heat exchanger is available (optional) as an integral part of the cooling system at minimal cost/ Explosion proof motor is available upon request: used for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.


PS series pump down to an ultimate vacuum of 7.5 x 10-4 Torr. PS is robust and designed to work under harsh environment. The cost of ownership is lowest among competing technologies. You get all the reliability and performance for the processes.

PD Screw Pump: PD series (Energy Saving 2000- 13330 L/min)      

The PDE series sets a new benchmark in high energy efficiency. It is environmentally friendly with low power consumption. PDE series gives you all the reliability and performance you want with less the utility cost.

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