4841 Davenport Place, Fremont, CA 94538

Complete line from mini research source to large industrial source. Also available are power supply, controller and accessories. Compact and modular design with integrated water cooling

Specialized in the following:

OpticalSiO2, TiO2, HFO2, other dielectrics< 5×10^4 Torr
MagneticFe, Ni, Co5×10^6 Torr
MicroeletronicsSi, Ge, refractory, dielectrics< 5×10^4 Torr
R&DSi, Al, Ni, Au, etc 2×10^11 Torr

Mini Source, 3KW

2cc fixed pocket

Mighty Source, 3KW

2cc x 4 pockets

Fix Pocket, 10KW

2cc x 4 pockets

Rotary Pocket, 10KW

  • 7 to 30cc x 4-pocket
  • 7 to 12 cc x 6-pocket
  • 150cc carousel pocket

Custom assembly

  • All integrated
  • vertical & horizontal

Linear Source

  • No bearing in vacuum
  • Bakeable to 220C
  • 7 to 40cc x 4-pocket

XL Rotary Pocket

  • 100cc x 3-pocket
  • 40 to 75 cc x 4-pocket
  • 25 to 40 cc x 6-pocket
  • 400 cc carousel pocket

Programmable Sweep