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Stainless Steel, GVR series

GVRM: Manual Gate valve
GVRP: Pneumatic Gate Valve

All stainless steel gate valves feature low maintenance, vibration and low particles  GVRP valves are plug-in compatible with any standard valves; easily replace valves in  the field.  Valve body is vacuum brazed to give clean & long lasting performance.

The body and all major internal components of our stainless steel valves are vacuum furnace brazed in-house. This eliminates the possibility of virtual leaks and minimizes body distortion found in conventionally welded or cast valves.

Each step in the manufacturing process is quality controlled. New components and products are tested in our reliability lab and are subjected to a 100% first article inspection.

Once components are QC verified, they are moved to our clean room for final assembly/test, leak check and packaging.


Vacuum Range1×10-9 Torr
Leak test:1×10-9 atm cc/sec of He
Bake temperature150o C
Life100,000 Cycle
Time from open-close< 1.5 sec
Operating temperatureup to 100o C
Position Indicator28 VDC or 115 VAC

Available size: 16mm to 500mm

3-Position Gate Valve is available.
Designed for use in etching, CVD or process that requires pressure control. When used in conjunction with upstream mass flow controllers, this valve has exceptional pressure control capability.
May also be utilized to smooth the transition from rough to high vacuum. Two solenoids and an air pressure regulator are used to achieve the three positions of fully open, fully closed, and an adjustable third position.

Aluminum, GVA series

GVAM: Manual valve
GVAP: Pneumatic Valve

Truly High Quality Aluminum Gate Valve where the body is machined from
a solid block, resulting in better rigidity and strength. Single axis design
is highly reliable and cost effective.

Chlorine resistant
Lower H2 outgassing
Highly reliable
Low particles
KF, CF, ISO, ANSI Flange


Vacuum range8×10-8 Torr
Leak test1×10-9 atm cc/sec of He
Bake temperature120o C
Life250,000 Cycle
Time from open-close< 1.5 sec
Operating temperatureup to 100 degree C
Position Indicator28 VDC, or 115VAC
Air pressure82 psig
Differential pressure at opening< 30 mbar
Body & mechanism material6061-T6 AL
Shaft materialDN40-80AL/DN100-500 304SS
Carriage6061-T6 AL /Peek

KF flange: 40-50mm
ISO-K flange: 63-160mm
ISO-F flange: 200-630mm

Manual: size from 40mm -160mm
Pneumatic size from 40mm-630mm